Sabtu, 06 Agustus 2016

5 Storage Space Ideas Under The Bed

Limited land space or make a lot of people get creative to create storage space or storage. Not only provide spaces for putting the storage objects, as well as much as possible do not "eat" more space in the room. Thus, the need for storage are met, while not adding to the claustrophobic room.

Here is how to maximize your closet space. One area that could be used as storage is under the bed. At the bottom, usually justblank so that it could be the right choice for storage. Perhaps, not rarely also placing objects into lower arbitrarily. If so, why not just designing such areas as storage?

One of the easiest ways is to put a basket or box under the bed. Alternatively, choose a bed platform. Such beds can be made according to the tastes (customized bed).These beds like the shape of the stage with altitude varies and is generally wider than the mattress. The "stage" can be used as a place to store, while the surface of the"stage" can be used as a seat or the display area.

Then, what kind of storage that you can create under the bed? He's inspiring 6 storage under the bed! More at

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5 Storage Space Ideas Under The Bed
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