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3 Indonesian Culture Facts You Should Know

1. Tabuik Ceremonial - West Sumatera

Derived from the word ' Ark ', from Arabic meaning heads, ceremony Tabuik is a community in the West Coast tradition, West Sumatera, organized in descending downhill. The ceremony was held at the day of Asura who falls on the 10th of Muharram, in the Islamic calendar.

Allegedly, Tabuik is carried by the adherents of Shia Islam from the Middle East to Pariaman, as the anniversary of the war of Karbala.

This ceremony as well as the symbols and forms of expression of deep grief and respect Muslims in Pariaman against the grandson of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Because it is the excitement and unique, the ceremony Tabuik in West Sumatra tourism agenda and held every year.

The two weeks leading up to the execution ceremony Tabuik, citizens of Pariaman already busy doing various preparations. They made a variety of confectionery, pastries, and typical Tabuik. In this period, there were also citizens who run a particular ritual, which is fasting.

In addition to the name of the ceremony, Tabuik is also pinned to the name of the object that is becoming an important component in this ritual. Tabuik amounted to two and made of bamboo and wood.

The shape is in the form of an animal bearing an horse-headed, human, strapping and winged. By Moslem people, this beast called a Buraq and regarded as supernatural animals. On the back of Tabuik, created a milestone as high as about 15 m. Tabuik are then decorated with red color and other colors and will be in the procession later.

2. Makepung, Buffalo Race In Bali

If the Madura had Kerapan Sapi, then Bali has Makepung. Two traditions that are similar but not the same, but became the unique spectacle fresh all at once entertaining.

In Indonesia Makepung means race, was a tradition in the form of a Buffalo runway race, has long been attached to the people of Bali, particularly in Jembrana Regency. This tradition originally was simply a game of farmers conducted on the sidelines of the activity in the rice field plowing harvest season.

Now, Makepung has become one of the most interesting cultural attractions watched by tourists, including foreign tourists. Not only that, the race has become agenda annual tours in Bali and managed professionally.

Nowadays, Makepung not only followed by farmers only. Officials and entrepreneurs from much of the city which became the participants. Moreover, in a big fight, the Governor's Cup for example, participants of Makepung in attendance could reach around 300 pairs of Buffalo or even more.

The atmosphere became very festive with the presence of the musicians jegog (Balinese gamelan made from bamboo) to enrich the atmosphere of the race.

3. Debus Attraction, Banten

A very dangerous attraction commonly known to us as the Debus, martial arts Supposedly originated from the al debus Madad. The longer this martial art grew and grew up in all societies of banten as an art of entertainment to the community. 

The core of the show is a very strong movement from silat martial arts and the use of weapons. The art of this extensive use of banten debus focusing on one's immunity against  sharp objects, and a kind of sharp weapons was called by debus.

This art is growing and evolving since hundreds of years ago, along with the rise of Islam in Java. On the beginning, this art had the function as proselytism, however during the Dutch rule and at the time of the reign of Sultan Agung Tirtayasa, this martial art used for uplifting the people of banten and fighters against colonialism . 

Because at that moment the power is not very balanced, the Netherlands had a very complete weapons while the only weapon banten have is none other than ancestral heritage i.e. martial arts debus.

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3 Indonesian Culture Facts You Should Know
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